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Strategic Link Building

Link building is the process of getting other webpages on the internet to add links to your site. This is done either by asking for links or waiting around for related sites that might find you and link on their own. Asking for links is far more effective but when asking for links its usually best to offer a link in return. Having a large number of popular sites link to your site will not only send traffic to your site from the other sites but it will also boost your rankings in many search engines that use link popularity or the quality of links to your site as part of their algorithms to determine which sites appear higher up in their results for a given keywod.

Is Link Trading an Example of Altruism Essay

General Rules of Link Trading of All Forms
1. Don't be Afraid of Reciporical Linking

2. Don't Link to Sites that Could Harm Your Reputation or Endanger your Advertising Sponsorship Agreements

3. Never Turn a Willing Targeted Link Trade Away because you think you have enough links on the subject already. When your link pages get very big segment them. You can always hide links to less important sites a few levels down in your link structure.

4. Write an Appropriate Email for your Link Request Offers including your Website Url, Website Title, a one or two line description, along with a place you have added another site's link or will in exchange for their adding yours. Include the url you would like your link placed if appropriate and it is time efficient to do so. If you have already added a link to the site you are requesting a link from be sure to include the title, url, and description you gave for the site and ask if it is acceptable.

5. Link to Quality Related Sites Even if they Will not Link to You.

6. Don't Bother Adding Your Site to Free For All Link Pages

7. Don't Include Commericial Pitches in Your Link Request Offers Unless "Highly Highly Personalized"

8. Be Careful When Requesting Links from Sites with AntiSpam Messages Throughout. Avoid this if Possible.

When one considers link building there are a few ways to go about It Including:

*Once you have decided on the type of links you will go after you need to learn how to scan for email addresses quickly on the site's you decide to request links from.

1. Going After Links from a Few Highly Targeted Related Sites

2. Going After Links based on the Sites they Currently Link to

3. Going After Links by informing sites of dead links they Have and offering your Site as a replacement

4. Going After Easy Reciprocal Links

5. Trading Links with Those that Initiate Link Trading With You

When One Works on Link Building Campaign there are a Few Possible Objectives Including

1. Increased Direct Traffic from the Links

2. Increased Link Popularity for Increased Rankings on Search Engines such as Google

3. Building your Reputation

4. Increased Traffic in Response to the Link Request Itself from Webmasters

5. Establishing Industry Contacts You can Share Information with in the Future