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Going After Links from a Few Highly Targeted Related Sites

This means to go after links from your "industry leaders" if they believe in the link process that is. To do this right you should already be very knowledgeable in their sites. Email them pointing out something unique you liked about their site and go ahead and add a link to their site telling them where it is. If they link back thats good, if not you have at least added a quality reference resource that your visitors can enjoy. If the email addres listed on their site is not responsive you can perhaps also email the address listed at their domain registrar as the owner if it is different. If one of these highly targeted sites you wish to try to get a link from only offers email through a form on their site you really should look up the actual owners email address via their domain registrar and send them an email if the form email doesen't yield you a response.
Sample Link Request Letter

Hi, I really enjoyed your site I especially enjoyed your section about THIS TOPIC. I didn't know that THIS was true. I have just launched a site of my own on a similar subject matter as your site. I have added your link on my site at MYDOMAIN.COM/Links.

I was wondering if you might possibly consider adding a link to my site as well.

A possible description could be:


Features information about subject 1, subject 2, and subject 3.

If you believe my site is an appropriate fit for your site's link page I would suggest putting it on your site at YOURSITE.COM/CARLinks under SUBTOPIC 2 as I feel that is the most apropriate place.

I thank you for creating a reference site that has provided me much joy today.