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When implementing web hosting for a website there are Five basic ways to go about it:

1. Free Hosting with no domain name

You can use freehosting services that provide hosting for free. This can be done without a domain name and with no costs at all. The downside is that freehosts can take away your site at anytime and all of the traffic that comes with it.** Read More

2. Free Hosting via Domain Forwarding to a Nonpaid Host

You can purchase a domain name and forward the visitors to a page of a free host such as geocities, aol, or angelfire. This has many advantages over regular free hosting with no domain name but it still is not as good as regular paid hosting.
** Read More

3. Shared Hosting

You can use shared hosting in which your site is hosted on a webhost's sever along with perhaps hundreds of other sites that all compete for resources. Shared hosting is how most webmasters who are serious start hosting their sites. The real limitation with shared hosting is that one is often restricted to things that do not use a large amount of CPU intensive activities as it would affect the other websites hosted on the same server. Also if another site gets really busy on the server you are located on your site can begin to have speed problems.** Read More

4. Dedicated Hosting

You can use Dedicated hosting in which your site or sites are the only ones on a server owned by a webhosting company which you then rent from them via a monthly fee. The advantage of dedicated hosting is that you can have multiple websites on a dedicated server where with shared hosting you have to have one paid account for each site in general. Also one has almost complete control over how the computer is used for all legal activities. Sites that are very powerful are usually forced at some point to have dedicated hosting or colocated hosting. ** Read More

5. Colocated Hosting

You can use Colocation in which you send your computer hardware to a webhost who then supplies power and the bandwidth you need for your computer to be able to host your site or sites. Colocated hosting is the same as dedicated hosting but is often for those who require more powerful computers to do more specialized or CPU intensive tasks. It is cheaper in the long run to buy a powerful computer yourself and colocate it than it is to pay for dedicating hosting of a very powerful computer that a webhost would then own. ** Read More