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Free Hosting via Domain Forwarding to a Nonpaid Host

You can purchase a domain name and forward the visitors to a page of a free webhost such as geocities, aol, or angelfire. This has many advantages over regular free hosting with no domain name but it still is not as good as regular paid hosting. In addition some registrars such as Directnic allow free hosting with banners for people that register domains with them for $15 a year. This provides for a very small hosting cost for sites starting out and a bit more professionalism than regular free hosting allows. Below are some reasons why I think you should consider registering a domain with Directnic if you are just starting with a small site.

Five reasons I use for my domain registrations:

Low registration price. Only US$15 a domain per year. Plus, you can have discount rates if you are registering multiple domains.
Flexible management. You can modify your account and your domain by yourself at any time. You don't need somebody's approval
and there is no charge for any modification. In addition, you can always ask for help with your domain management.
Free features. If your domain is registered with, you
can enjoy their free services, such as URL forwarding, email forwarding, Web hosting, for sale pages, and free domain parking.
Nice customer support. They answer your email and your phone calls almost immediately. I was with another company and I
could never get hold of their customer support.
Easy transfer. You can also transfer your domain to and they don't
charge for the transfer process. All you need to do is fill out the online transfer forms and then respond to the confirmation email. The US$15 dollar transfer fee is actually
the first year's registration fee. And, you don't have to register for more than one year. Not only that, but the time you have left with your current registrar will roll over to
your new account.