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Webmaster Message Boards a general purpose webmaster forum covering topics such as programming, search engines, and web design.

Internet News Sites Internet Advertising Report usability news

Ad Network And Affiliate Program Review Sites features reviews of ad networks and affiliate programs contains reviews of affiliate programs, cpc programs, cpm programs, and pay per email signup programs. contains reviews of ad networks and affiliate programs by type of ad supported ie; cpm banner, cpc, popup. features archived reviews of adnetworks and affiliate programs. Many of the companies reviewed no longer are in business but the site is fun for its nostalgic historic information. a directory of affiliate programs grouped by topic and articles about web promotion contains links to affiliate programs grouped by topic and some links to adnetworks some of which no longer exist. contains links to affiliate programs and related guide sites. contains links to adnetworks, affiliate networks, web promotion tools, and web design sites. features info about affiliate marketing basics, reference materials, and links.

Search Engine Info Sites - active message board which discusses all aspects of Search engines. The forum is even often visited by a regular poster who works for Google. - Features news links relating to search engines that are updated often, columns, tips, and terminology. This site is operated by the same person that later started the Webmasterworld forum.

Computer Hardware Sites

Webhosting links a message board dedicated to the discussion of webhosting issues a message board with info about free webhosting and paid webhosting features articles about webhosting issues, things to look for in a webhost, and information about particular webhosts. a directory of webhosting companies contains a guide to the basic types of webhosting along with information about moving from a host and other things to consider.

Webhosts one of the largest dedicated server hosts in the $100 to $150 range a host specializing in hosting smaller business websites and also offering basic design and template services

PHP and MYSQL resource site for PHP and SQL developers with tutorials, interviews, forums, and a PHP coding contest. features news about PHP, search engine optimization info, and links.

Web Design
A web development site which includes tutorials on HTML, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, Perl and more. Features HTML tag lists, tools, design tutorials, faq's, a forum, and links. a basic guide to HTML features such as links, frames, javascript, cascading style sheets, and tables. a collection of webdesign tips on things such as layout, graphics, tables, and poor design choices. Also includes links to related guides on javascript, Html, and Cascading Style Sheets.

*More Web Design Resources

Web Designers provides web design, development and hosting services from Port Townsend, Washington. company specializing in logo and website design which also offers search engine optimization servics. individual designer with work in print, multimedia, and websites. Has done work for Microsoft, Dreamworks, and others which can be examined via his portfolio.

*More Web Designers

Webmaster Tools and Utilities this is a nifty software tool to help create Robots.txt files for excluding selective spiders and search engines from visiting a given site. this is a tool that runs under windows and delivers who is information for web domains from various registrars a link checking software tool with a free trial download. makes a link popularity tool analyzer, a log file analyzer, html compression software, and security software to deter people from being able to copy the html of a webpage.

Computer Programs features tips for using graphic programs, internet software, operating systems, and office software. a site with indepth information about drivers and tweaks for the Windows XP operating system sells books about how to use graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, and Adobe Illustrater.

Site Submission Programs this site is a service that automatically submits a given url to multiple search engines. What makes the site unique is that it is supported entirely by voluntary contributions. The site has a lot of the webmaster's personality thrown in and in one section called "Woodhead's Law" the webmaster provides a humorous updated version of Murphys Law for the web. This site is fun even if you plan on hand submitting your site.

Web Promotion a very unique look at web promotion covering search engine optimization basics, directory submissions, and other methods of online promotion. A free report to help website owners and publishers plan effective linking strategies - includes guidelines, worksheets and links to over 50 articles on linking. The report is located in a box in the upper right hand corner entitled "Download the Linking Matters Report", it is viewable in HTML though so one does not have to download anything. - features articles about link building, search engines, and ezine promotion.

General Webmaster Links or Resource Sites

SiteproNews - contains articles on ecommerce, web promotion, search engines, and other topics along with links to a variety of webmaster resources.

Webmaster Tools Central - contains a guide to over 1400 webmaster related sites featuring tools, advice, and promotion resources. a directory of over 1400 webmaster resource sites. features links to a few affiliate programs and related webmaster resources features links to a few webmaster related sites. provides a directory of links to web design sites covering such topics as email, programming, scripting, graphics, and other webmaster tools. features a directory of sites relating to affiliate programs, search engines, and general webmaster topics.

Content Feeds and Custom Writing Services a unique directory of free content feeds broken down by category which can be included usually via javascript or html. Most have a link to the site providing the free content some have ads. a popular feed service on a variety of topics. They offer paid feeds and some free feeds. They provide feeds to large sites including Ask Jeeves. offers outsourced custom writing services at 4 and 1/2 cent a word or less for larger jobs as of November 3rd 2008.

Other Links - a web hosting and design firm with an informative site about online advertising including terminology and FAQ.