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Webmaster Basics

Using a webhost that can help you develop a custom store front with online credit card processing and a website shopping cart can increase the income a website can generate.

Webmaster Terminology

Online Advertising Terminology

This Section covers speciality terminology used in online marketing such as effective CPM, defaults, below the scroll, rich media, traffic leak and other terms.

Search Engine Terminology

This section covers specialty terminology used in reference to search engines such as google bombing, Google Dance, cloaking, SERPS and other terms.

Webhosting Terminology

This section provides a list of terms in use by the webhosting industry such as ARIN, rackmount, denial of service attack, IU and other terms.

Web Design Terminology

This section provides a list of terms referenced in regards to webdesign such as splash page, meta refresh, title tag, hyperlink and other terms.

General Internet Terminology

This section provides a few general internet terms that people running websites should know such as troll and sniping.

Essays, Articles, and Opinions

What is a Webmaster?

To Some a webmaster is just someone that designs html, tinkers with page layouts and creates websites that are "pretty" without creating the text which is at the heart of the site. This is a web designer and not what a webmaster is meant to be in the purest sense of the word. A webmaster unlike his offline bretheren who work as reporters or editors is responsible for all aspects of knowledge and skill necessary to make things work. A webmaster in the truest sense is a one man army of sorts *Read More

Offline Vs Online Media

1 Offline Media sells ads at a much higher rate per ad

2. Offline Media ad sales are based on potential audience rather than actualized audience for a particular ad.

3. Offline Media can fit as many full page ads in their publication as they can sell with no user irritation worries. *Read More