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Offline Vs Online Media

Major Differences Between Offline Media Print and Online Media

1 Offline Media sells ads at a much higher rate per ad

2. Offline Media ad sales are based on potential audience rather than actualized audience for a particular ad.

3. Offline Media can fit as many full page ads in their publication as they can sell with no user irritation worries.

4. Offline Media uses in your face distribution in racks at stores and other places that convinces people to read and buy their publications when there was no interest otherwise.

5. Offline media tries to lock in readership via subscriptions.

6. Offline media has very few actual publications as far as magazines and an even smaller selection for any given topic. While online there are virtually unlimited websites dedicated to any and all subjects. Ignorance and lack of distrubition limit choice and ensure that more mass marketed publications are purchased and read in the offline world.

7. Offline media uses far more labor to create and distribute their product.

8. Offline media has few navigation worries as everyone starts reading from the front page or table of contents.

9. Offline media often has dated inferior information than online media does for entertainment, sports, and other topics.

10. Offline media gives its writers and contributing writers a sense of pride that writing online even for an identical sized audience doesen't.

11. Offline media will often resale its subscriber lists without permission while online this is considered a sin only reserved for the lowliest of sites.