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Web Designer Links Calgary Canada based web designer that offers a portfolio of her work and links to online marketing articles. Tennessee based web designer for hire with portfolio of his work, personal philsophy on design info, and resume. Online based webdesigner who's philisophy is to create sites that "have content, elegant graphics, and use low bandwidth to give what my clients demand." the website of Mitchell Web Design Services of New Mexico featuring a large list of business and nonprofit sites they have developed for clients. specializes in colorful looking sites and has a website with a client list and testiomonials attributed to those who they have designed sites for. online based web design company which has been around since 1994 features tutorials on web design and promoting and offers phone support for queries as well as email. a Georgia based web design firm featuring a portfoli of sites they have done for others. a Ferndale, California based web design and photography company featuring testimonials from clients a Los Angeles based webdesign company specializing in logos and smaller brochure type sites. Features exacting prices posted on site a Florida based webdesign and programming company whose site features a portfolio of sites they have done. a Wyoming based web design company with porfolio of works and prices posted that they will create small sites for. Web design company with offices in Minnesota and California. Features portfolio of client sites which are colorful and "snappy." Web design firm that states "We love web page design and building web sites. This is what we do. Not hosting. Not domain name registration. Just custom web site design." A Uk based web designer who posts a price rate per page of HTML and lists a portfolio of client sites. Arizona based female web designer who is part Navajo Indian. Find a portfolio of her past work and some prices on site.