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Trading Links with Those that Initiate Link Trading With You

This means simply adding links to those who have emailed you asking if you are willing to trade links. This results in easy links if you get such offers, but usually the best links you could get are not the ones that go out and email you first. Also make sure the link trades are not with sites that will damage your reputation or never yield you any positive result to compensate for the one minute it might take you to add the link.
Sample Response Email to a Link Request

Hi I appreciate your link request offer. If you add a link to my site at as

My Description

I will add a link to your site on my site at as

My Objective description.

Thanks again for the link request.

Things to Maximize Link Trade Requests

1. Have guidelines for submissions on your link pages.

2. Have contact information on your link pages.

3. Have a prominent link to your link trade policies on your home page.

What to Expect

Most sites that ask for links are going to be inappropriate or of poor quality.

Quality sites that are appropriate for linkage will send you unworkable descriptions.