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Going After Links based on the Sites they Currently Link to

This in essence is trying to get links from as many sites as you can that link to the high quality sites you tried to contact personally above. By asking for a link hopefully very similar to a site they already link to these sites may find it appropriate to link to your site as well. When asking for a link you should mention the site you know they link to as that will keep your email subject focused and may make many think that you personally enjoy their site which is not really important one way or the other. But at least by having a common bond of a site that 100 or so sites link to you can send out one created email and it has some level of "targeting" that its recipients may respond to and not just dismiss as a mass mailing.
Sample Link Request Letter Site Specific Targeting

Hi I noticed that you have a very extensive selection of links on THIS SUBJECT in your site's reference library resources section. I noticed that you link to which is a great resource on this topic. I have recently launched a site that might be a good fit for your links page too. I have added a link to your site on my site at and described your site as

Your Site Url

My Title

My Description

I was wondering if you might possibly consider adding a link to my site on your link page at

A possible description could be


My Description

I appreciate your consideration on this matter.

Sample Link Request Letter No Site Specific Targeting

Hi I noticed that your SUBJECT THEMED Site has a link to I was wondering if you might consider trading links with which provides information and services similar to this site you link to currently.

If you perhaps think my site is worthy of a link on your site a possible description could be:


If you decide my site is worthy of a link email me with the url you wish me to link to and a description so I can add your link.