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Increased Direct Traffic from the Links

This is an easy enough thing to measure on the surface. Via your websites logfiles or a third party tracker or stats analyzation program you can see which of your link requests are actually yielding you traffic. A few sites will send 10 or more visitors a day many will send less than one a month. Checking for traffic from links is also a good way to find out who has actually linked to you as some will link without telling you even if you originally asked them too. With getting direct traffic from links its not just about the few top sites that send you lots of traffic its all of the little sites sending you one visitor a month that combined send you lots of traffic you could not otherwise ever get. Often very targeted sites will send you 5 or 10 percent of their total visitors to your site if a link is present. So you really can't predict how much traffic a link from a quality site will yield you on the basis of the traffic of the linking site overall and you need to keep this in mind.
Possible Benefit Scenarios

100 new sites now link to you because of link requests. Their direct traffic to your sites is X visitors a day.

Of these 100 links 90 deliver less than one visitor a month.

Of these 100 links 5 generate you 2 or more visitors a month

Of these 100 links 5 generate more than 10 visitors a month.

*Your break down as far as the actual amount of visitors delivered will differ naturally but in general only a few sites will send you large amount of direct traffic. All links will increase your link popularity and some will become important in the future if they are not so now.