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Going After Reciprocal Links

This is accomplished by just heading to your favorite search engine or link directory and emailing every site you find that offers reciporical links. With search engines a simple query like "Subject" Reciprocal links should yield you lots of prospects to look through. Avoid all automated reciprocal link schemes and sites with so many reciporical links spread out over so many pages that you doubt it would benefit your site at all. Sites offering reciprocal links in which your link is run through a script first or the link page is generated as a dynamic page should be avoided unless you think the site has the traffic to send you visitors. This is because dynamic pages and links generally give your site no added link popularity boost in search engines and they may be part of dynamically generated content that no one ever sees. By this I mean that with traditional link pages links are grouped logically and broken down only to avoid large pages. But with dynamic pages and links people often set up possible link pages on thousands of topics such that no one ever visits any one of these particular pages your link may be on hence no benefit to you. Also make sure you don't trade links with sites that would damage your sites reputation. Free for all link pages where links are added automatically just for asking are a waste of time and should be avoided as well.

*Most Importantly with link trading of this sort, you might want to avoid trying to link trade at all with those you find with email addresses like or that have links to anti spam groups on their reciporical link pages. I suggest this because these type of people are probably going to not be very responsive to your link trading efforts to begin with and a portion of them may actually complain to your ISP or Webhost about Spam when all you are doing is asking for a reciporical link as they state they themselves want. I have had this happen so its something to keep in mind.

Lists of Sites Receptive to Reciprocal Link Trades by Subject

Reference Resource Links about Reciprocal Link Trading

Sample Link Request Email Site Specific Targeting

Hi I recently found after browsing the internet for several hours. Your site really is unique I particularly found your thoughts on THIS TOPIC mentioned at YOUR URL to be very interesting. I noticed on your site that you have a link page at YOURLINKPAGE I was wondering if you might be interested in trading links with my site.

A possible description for my site could be


My Description

If you perhaps find my site worthy of a link I would be happy to add a link to your site on my site at

Just give me the url you wish me to link to and a sample description.

I appreciate your time on this matter

Sample Link Request Email Non Site Specific Targeting

Hi I really enjoyed your site about THIS GIVEN TOPIC. I was wondering if you would be willing to trade links with my site.

A possible description for my site could be

My Description

If you are willing to add a link to my site I will add a link to your site. Send me the url you want me to link to and a description to help me decide how to classify your link.

Thanks again

*Note you do not mention the Url of the site you are requesting a link to as you could then send the same email to multitudes of sites on your given topic that seem to indicate link responsiveness via what you saw on their site. You also may mention where you would place their link if they are all related to a section of links you already are. You may have to leave this detail out if you may have to create new link sections to deal with the link trades that are succesful.

Lists of Sites Receptive to Reciprocal Link Trades by Subject