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Establishing Industry Contacts You can Share Information with in the Future

This is especially true with large batches of link requests as when some webmasters respond with an offer to trade links they may reveal that they know people or things that are relevant to your industry. Many people with poorly designed low traffic sites wield a lot of influence in the offline world relevant to your business. If your site is of a technical nature involving some sort of unique knowledge these contacts could prove very helpful as you have questions relevant to your site or to topics of interest to your visitors.
Benefit Scenarios

Hundreds of webmasters are sent link requests. You get in depth personal emails from a few webmasters that showcase a wide depth of knowledge in your field. This is beneficial later for:

1. Learning about those knowledgeable in your industry who perhaps could write articles for your site as well.

2. Gaining a personal connection with those who could contribute best to your email newsletter or message board.

3. Gaining a positive experience and contact information with those who may be likely future advertisers on your site perhaps.

4. Gaining a positive experience and contact information with those that might serve as affiliates for products and services you have in the future.