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Building your Reputation

Rather you sell something or are an advertising supported content site links from sites of high reputation will make people think more highly of your site. For example a well hidden link on might not yield a lot of traffic but it makes for something nice to mention to potential advertisers or something to "boast" about to your site's visitors. If you can get links from those of the highest traffic level and reputation in your industry this can only help to serve your interests down the line.
Benefit Scenarios

In addition to the traffic benefits of the links established from requests you might experience the following in theory:

1. Your site and your link requests could inspire the creators of small sites in your niche to expand their content. As their sites grow your link in place from the beginning can contribute greatly to your reputation in your industry.

2. A webmaster who put a link to your site on his low traffic site writes an article about the industry for a magazine. Your site since known by him is mentioned in the article. While the webmaster never gave you any traffic directly he later helped your reputation via another medium.

3. You get a small link on a very low traffic page of You then have a link to give out to advertisers that makes your site appear much more legitimate.