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Banner and Traffic Exchange Sites

Non English and Non US Traffic Based Exchanges
Genaral Banner Exchanges Banner exchange with 2 to 1 exchange ratio that gives 2000 free exchange credits for signing up and 500 for every month of membership. Lists some of the top banners run via their exchange on their site as well.

LinkBuddies - Offers a 2 to 1 exchange ratio and has more than 30,000 member sites. Gives 500 free credits for sign up and is for family friendly sites only. Supports banners, 88x31 butttons, and 90x60 buttons.

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Topic Based Banner Exchanges

Online Casino and gambling related Banner exchanges

Christian Banner Exchanges

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Game Exchange sites


Skyscrappers are ads that are usually 120x600 or 160x600 they are also often referred to as tower ads. In theory skyscrappers should generate better results than banners because of their size. *Read More about Skyscrapper Exchanges

Text Exchange Networks an interesting text link exchange for every 3 text links you display your ad will be displayed twice. a text link exchange program uses a hard to comprehend class structure for sites to determine the actual exchange ratio but very interesting.

Button Exchanges

Buttons are ads that are in smaller formats such as 88x31, 120x60 or 125x125. Buttons are popular for exchange services because they are easy to integrate and do not take up the same amount of screen real estate as regular banners. *Read more about Button Exchanges.

Popunder and Popup Exchanges

Popup and Popunder exchanges are popular because they result in people actually seeing your site rather than trying to get them to clickthru and then see your site. Popups and Popunders are also a valuable online advertising units and as such many publishers run popups as paying ads rather than for exchange credits. *Read More about Popunder and Popup Exchanges

Banner Click Exchanges

These are exchanges that trade clicks instead of impressions. For example a banner click exchange network with a 2 to 1 ratio would run your banner until you get one click for every two clicks that you send. These have not been succesful to any real degree in the past because of the risk of unclickable banners costing lots of resources to meet the click ratios. Interestingly enough at BXmegalist under Click-Exchange interviews there are two interviews of those who started this type of exchange. Neither of their sites is still live today.