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Music Banner Exchanges



*Note Music categories can usually be targeted via general interest banner exchanges as well.

Classical Music Banners exchange for sites with information about classical music with a 5 to 4 exchange ratio and support for standard 468x60 banners only.

The Free Music Banner Exchange - exchange site with 3 to 2 exchange ratio for music sites in English or German with support for 468x60 and other ad formats.

Country Music Banner Exchange - exchange with 2 to 1 exchange ratio for country music sites which gives 200 free credits upon signup.

Women in Music Banner Exchange - exchange with 2 to 1 exchange ratio and 2 extra credits per click on exchange banners. Gives 1000 credits upon sign up.

Music Boards Banner Exchange - site gives no information to non members about exchange ratio or ad formats supported.

Music Effect Banner Exchange - this exchange is funny in that no ratio information is given, the exchange page is running Linkexchange banners and the number 2 site listed for the exchange has shown a total of 39 banners as of Feb 24, 2003