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Video Game and Computer Game Banner Exchanges



*Note Video and Computer game categories can usually be targeted via general interest banner exchanges as well.

Games Site 200 Exchange - exchange for computer gaming sites that supports 468x60 banners with a 3 to 2 exchange ratio and 500 credits upon sign up.

Game Profiles Exchange - Exchange claims a 1 to 1 ratio for video and computer game sites; banners include text link at bottom to exchange. Exchange gives 1000 credits upon sign up.

Game Banner Exchange - exchange for 40x40 button size. Claims a 1 to 1 ratio on 95% of impressions. It is suggested this company be researched before using as it seems pretty small scale.

Phoenyx Game Exchange - exchange supporting 468x60 banners for play by email or play by irc gaming sites only. Exchange states no exchange ratio onsite but requires your host free or paid support http referer data as angelfire and some free hosts don't.

United Realm Banner Exchange exchange for a specialized type of Role Playing game site that features a 1 to 1 exchange ratio according to the exchange.