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Skyscrapper Exchanges

Skyscrapper traffic exchanges usually support the 120x600 or 160x600 ad formats. Skyscrappers are often referred to as towers or tower ads. supports 160x600 ad formats and 500x30 on a 2 to 1 exchange rate among other formats. a 120x600 skyscrapper ad exchange with a 2 to 1 exchange ratio. a 120x600 skyscrapper exchange site with a 5 to 4 exchange rate that can be reduced to 2 to 1 for poor performance. Ad creatives are served from the publisher's servers this could result in a slow loading ad from a member site slowing down your page load speed. It is suggested to test them before fully using them. They also support regular banners. supports 120x600 skyscrapper ads on a variable exchange rate starting at 4 to3 ratio with some free credits on sign up. Provies support for 120x600 ads on a 3 to 2 ratio with advanced targeting.. This exchange supports the selling of exchange credits between its members.