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Dating, Romance, and Wedding Banner Exchanges



Wedding Banner Exchange - a banner exchange for wedding related sites with a 2 to 1 exchange ratio and a requirement that banners are on index or home pages. - Banner exchange for singles and dating sites with a 3 to 2 exchange ratio and 1000 credits upon signup. Provides supports for banners above and below the scroll as well as 120x60 buttons. - exchange for singles sites supporting 468x60 banners, 100x100 buttons, and 100x60 buttons with a 3 to 2 exchange ratio. Provides bonus impressions for placing code on home page but requires 0.5% clickthru rate to remain in the exchange.

DateNet Dating Banner Exchange - Banner exchange that claims 1:1 ratio with little information about the exchange on site. It is suggested one test this exchange before using them.

Dating Exchange - exchange service for dating sites supporting 468x60, 240x240, and popunders formats with 5000 credits on sign up and an exchange ratio based on clickthru rate.

Dating Net Banner Exchange Network - Banner exchange network for dating sites with 3:2 ratio and 3000 credits upon signup. Gives one extra exchange credit for each click on exchange banners you show.

Everypoet Exchange - banner exchange for arts and literature sites with a 3 to 2 exchange ratio. The site lists some sample sites that are claimed to be members of the exchange, no exchange ads could be easily found on any of them.