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CPM and CPC Above the Scroll Banner Advertising

There are many adnetworks selling above the scroll advertising. But a few generate far higher rates to publishers than others. With adnetworks one should make sure to avoid ones with fees for default ads and fees for adserving unless this fee structure is more than compensated with superior results which almost never is the case.

The Best ad networks for Above the Scroll advertising from a publisher's perspective I consider to be:


Fastclick is one of the clear overall winners from a publishers perspective as far as an adnetwork. If you are a publisher looking for an adnetwork you absolutely must apply here and see if you can even be accepted. Their strengths include their multiple default capability, ability to select or deselect any and all ads, and their prompt publisher payment history. Their draw backs include high default percentages if you have high page views per unique or a large non US audience, the lack of site specific sold advertising, and low adrates which are common everywhere. *Read more about Fastclick or Apply to FastClick Ad Network


*Apply to Burstmedia

Criteria for Acceptance

English Language Sites

A minimum of 5000 page views a month.

Does not generally accept search engine or link list sites and prefers original written content.

Requires a privacy policy be posted by its publishers.


Can sell site specific advertising at higher rates.

Default capabaility.

Payout Details

Pays publishers 50 to 70 percent of revenue generated depending on level of exclusivity.

Minimum Payout $50

Pays Net 90

Tribal Fusion

*Apply to Tribalfusion

Criteria for Acceptance

A minimum of 1000 daily unique site visitors.

Be in a category that is in demand from advertisers; Entertainment is not one of them at the present.

English Language Site.


Multiple weighed defaults

The ability to set the rate at which you will allow site specific advertising to be sold.

Ad rates higher for category specific targeting than run of network.

Very high ad rates on inventory sold.

Payout Details

Gives publishers 55 percent of revenue generated.

Pays net 45.

Minimum Payout $50


Lots of unsold inventory because of minimum rates at which ads can be sold.

The Worst ad networks for Above the Scroll advertising from a publisher's perspective I consider to be:

Maxworld Media/L90/Doubleclick/Zonfire/Sonar

Maxworld Media was created when Doubleclick the former titan of adnetworks sold their US adnetwork to Latitude 90. The newly formed company was renamed Maxworld media. Both Latitude 90 and Doubleclick are famous for their default fees which make it so that a publisher has to pay when ever the network fails to sell advertising for your site. So in essence a default fee is a guarantee to the network and represents just about what you can expect from these networks as far as banner sales. Doubleclick in the past also liked to tie uncapped popups to banners for some insane reason and this sort of thinking is to be expected from the new company as well. If you sign up for Maxworldmedia you are opting for uncapped popups and default or ad serving fees. In addition Latitude 90 once had a division for smaller sites called Zonfire they shut it down. Doubleclick also once had a division for smaller sites Sonar and they shut this down too. Maxworld Media is a collection of two has beens famous for changing names and trying to squeeze extra revenue from publishers when their ad sales start to not be so great. This is a network for uncapped popups and not banners, don't fool yourself.

24/7 Media,

This is one of the larger adnetworks and one of the original biggies. They like Maxworld Media like to tie uncapped popups to banners. 24/7 is most famous for their handling of the closure of their Contentzone division for smaller sites. Before closing the division a few strange emails were sent to publishers hinting at a banner based pay per search program. These were of course of no interest to Contentzone publishers who joined up because Contentzone had a guaranteed monthly CPM rate ever how low it was. The day 24/7 shut down their Contentzone division many publishers received no email notification at all. Instead they noticed blank banners coming from Contentzone and they could no longer login. Many publishers who were not at the monthly minimum for payment just lost those funds as well. The once mighty 24/7 media now charges a fee to publishers for serving ads as well. is basically a pay per click adnetwork or that was their original design. They also have begun selling CPM based advertising. Now what makes a poor choice for a publisher is the fact that they run a lot of lead based ads. splits their ads into CPM and CPC ads from a publisher stats perspective. What is interesting is that lumps CPA ads in with CPM ads so the CPM figures are meaningless. This coupled with no default capabilities makes the revenue one can generate with's paented Adlearn technology a crap shoot at best. Advertising could be an appropriate below the scroll provider however.

Focusin - this company has changed names and ownership a lot. They have had issues with not paying publishers after changing owners as well. Focusin never had good rates to begin with either. The meta search engine now owns them.

Bannerspace - this is an obscure ad network that has had a history of cancelling its publishers without payment for not having a high enough percentage of US traffic or a high enough clickthru rate. They are not suggested.

Banner-Mania - this is a reseller of Doubleclick/Maxworld Media ads and their rates reflect the fact that they are a reseller.

Adnetworks to Consider for Default Ads or as Primary Networks as Second Choices

Fastclick, Burstmedia, and Tribal Fusion using one as your primary and another for defaults if you can get accepted into two or more of these adnetworks. Below is a list of adnetworks you could use as your primary banner network if you have to but they work best as defaults shown after a better ad networks.

ClickXchange - - a network with lots of CPC campaigns that you can select from. The only problem with clickxhange is that sometimes their advertisers run out of funds at that point you will have to select another clickxchange advertiser. Clickxchange has alleviated this problem somewhat by offering a default that can kick in instantly when a Clickxchange advertiser runs out of funds.

Adtegrity - a company that accepts sites with over 500,000 page views a month. They will sell all inventory a publisher gives them even if the rates are very low. Adtegrity is a small pubically traded American company.

Gorilla Nation - a network specializing in Entertainment websites

I-clicks - a CPC network paying a minimum of 5 cents per click. I have been paid by them before but others are reporting late payments at the present Dec 2002.

Allclicks - Via allclicks one can create any trick creative you want and you are paid 2 cents for each clickthru as defined by Standard Internet's terms. You will have to serve the creative from your server though.

Clickthrutraffic this Standard Internet program pay for second clickthrus on a pay per click search engine but you have to serve the creative and you can use whatver you wish including banners anywhere you wish to place them..

Advertwizard - primarily an above the fold banner exchange. They sell ads when they can and give publishers 50 percent of the revenue and banner exchange credits for the ads they can not sell.

Other Adnetworks Not Enough Info to Recommend or Not Recommend

Valueclick - pays from 6 cents to 10 cents per click. They are better for below the scroll banners. Lots of small sites use them.

Penny Web - offers CPM and CPC rates but they seem to be selective in the publishers they accept. I have little information about them. They might work well as either a primary above the scroll provider or perhaps even as a below the scroll provider or both.

UGO - once a network composed of a large collection of Entertainment sites. This company signed long term guaranteed CPM contracts with several websites which they ultimately had difficulty keeping. They seem more geared towards popups now but they might be a possible banner network one could experiment with.

Uniquemedia/Go4media - in the past this network offered no default capabality and worked in a partnership with the owner of Phatstart. Few used them then and few use them now. Are they still operating? Europeon adnetwork a Europeon ad network which includes what used to be Doubleclik's Europeon division. - run by Ken Margolis and is supposed to be more of a site specific representation network for larger sites, but little is known about them.

Cybereps - appear to only represent large webproperties.

Cyberfirst their former site at appears to be down are they no longer operating?

Winstar Interactive - Famous for representing large media properites in the past, are they still operating?