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*Also See Fastclick Media Network History and Network Mistakes

Fastclick is one of the clear overall winners from a publishers perspective as far as an adnetwork. If you are a publisher looking for an adnetwork you absolutely must apply here and see if you can even be accepted. Their strengths include their multiple default capability, ability to select or deselect any and all ads, and their prompt publisher payment history. Their draw backs include high default percentages if you have high page views per unique or a large non US audience, the lack of site specific sold advertising, and low adrates which are common everywhere. *Apply to FastClick Ad Network

Criteria for Acceptance

English Language site

No Message Boards/Chat Rooms

Does not Accept Gaming or Anime Sites Often

Banners must be above the fold and content must be appropriate.

A minimum of 3000 page views a month.


Prompt publisher payment history

Payment via Paypal or Check

Multiple weighed default richmedia capability

Ability to select or deselect any ad

Payment and Commission Details

Sends checks Net 20 or 20 days after the end of the month revenues are earned.

Pays via paypal or check.

Minimum Payout of $50 or will pay lesser amounts for a $2.50 fee.

Pays publishers 65% of revenue generated.


No Site Specific Advertising Sold

Potential High Default percentages if you have high page views per visitor or a large Non US/UK/Canada audience.

Things to Know as a Publisher

Fastclick audits the stats of all its sites daily which will result in earnings figures being adjusted down or upward slightly at the end of the day before the new day's stats begin.

Fastclick default popunders are shown only when a paying campaigin from Fastclick is not available. The Fastclick cookie limits exposure of third party popunders run as defaults.

Fastclick banner and skyscrapper defaults must be entered via an image and clickthru url or by creating a javascript file on your server which you can link to and use to create richmedia defaults.

Fastclick Popunder defaults must be handled through a single url or by uploading a javsacript on your site and linking to it.

Fastclick invue ads which are popuplike pay less than Fastclick's popunders.

Fastclick will update the payment status for publishers when payment is dispatched or about to be dispatched which is usually around the 20th of the month.

Some Prominent Fastclick Publisher Sites

*As of Feb 8th 2002 a popular science oriented site running Fastclick Skyscrappers which had a self reported more than 4 million visitors in Jan 2002. a popular site for movie prop collectors and fans of entertainment in general which runs banners, popunders, and skyscrappers on select pages and had more than 290,000 visitors in January 2002.