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Search Box Programs

Search programs are an easy way to provide a means for sites to be able to generate revenue when visitor's are ready to leave your site. When people are done viewing a site they either search for other sites, leave via a link or sponsor, manually type in another site to visit, use their browser's back button, or call it a day. By providing a means to search for something else of interest a site has yet another not so obvious method of advertising that can generate revenue. There are two main ways to use search programs. Search programs can be incorporated via a mere search box or they can be integrated via actual search results on your webpages. A search engine type site would find integrating the results on their page most beneficial. Most search integration programs require a higher amount of searches per month and often an actual search engine type site. For most smaller sites a search box on their site is the way to go. While there are many search programs out there I list a few below that are more popular.

Overture - 2 cents per first click but may remove websites that do not perform well second clickthru wise

Searchtraffic - 6 cents per second click and less likely to remove sites for poor performance than overture

Goclick - 2 cents per first click

Targetwords - pays 1 to 9 cents per search

Integrated Search Programs

Overture - their integrated search program is in use by large sites like Yahoo

Goclick - for sites over 5000 visitors a day they offer more specialized features including perhaps integrated search results - offers integrated data feeds of paid search results for high traffic sites