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CPM and CPC buttons, skyscrappers, and Text

Skycrapers, buttons and text based advertising that pays on a cpc basis is not as common to be able to find for most websites as regular banner ads or popups/popunders. Skycrapers are the most common of the group but they take a good deal of space on a website. Button ads can be incorporated along the side of a site or right next to regular banner ads at the top or bottom. Text ads can be incorporated anywhere hence their desirability from a publisher perspective even if the payouts are not so great. Below is an analysis of these three ad formats:

CPC or CPM Skycrappers

These are graphical or rich media ads that are commonly 120x600 pixels in size or 160x600 pixels in size with the 120x600 format being more common. These ads are run along the side of a site in such a way that as a visitor scrolls down a webpage more of the ad is revealed. Skycrappers while being much bigger than regular 468x60 banners often pay about the same and if a site is not set up to accomodate them its pages will have to be redesigned to allow space for them. Some advertising networks offering skycrappers include:

FastClick Ad Network - offering 120x600 skycrappers with multiple default capability

Burstmedia - offering 160x600 skyscrappers - offering 120x600 and 160x600 skyscrappers although ad rates aren't that great from a publisher's perspective as lots of cost per lead ads are used.

ClickXchange - - offering a variety of ad formats including 120x600 and some 160x600 ads. One can browse and see all tower/skycrapper ads offered at clickxchange. Payouts aren't great but new advertisers launch new campaigns at clickxchange all the time and if in clickxchange you will at least have something to fill skycrapper space with. You can also ask Clickxchange advertisers to create skyscraper ads for you and some will.

Allclicks - this Standard internet program support skyscrapper ad formats. Via allclicks one can create any trick creative you want and you are paid 2 cents for each clickthru as defined by Standard Internet's terms. You will have to serve the creative from your server though.

Clickthrutraffic this Standard Internet program pay for second clickthrus on a pay per click search engine but you have to serve the creative and you can use whatever you wish including skyscrapper formats.

Gorillanation - offers 120x600 skycrapper ads and accept entertainment sites but don't appear to be accepted many new publishers at the moment.

In addition as always you can run pay per sale or lead programs with Skycrapper ads which are either the merchants creative or your own which lead either to the merchant's site or to a page on your site which is used to presale people on certain products before sending them on to the merchant.

CPC or CPM Button Ads

Button ads are small graphical ads that are commonly 120x60 or 88x31 or 125x125 with the 125x125 ad referred to as the cube by Burstmedia. Buttons that are 120x60 can be positioned right next to a regular banner at the top or bottom of the page and for most pages designed for 800x600 resolution or 640x480 or larger resolution this can be done often with no major redesign of ones pages. Buttons can also be positioned along the side of one's site and this is commonly done with the 125x125's. Some ad networks that support button ads include:

ClickXchange - - provides support for a variety of button ads including 120x60 and 88x31. Clickxchange allows one to browse ads by size format such as 125x125 and 120x60. Although Clickxchange does not offer a lot for button ads they do have CPC campaigns and some low CPM campaigns which serve as a good source of button revenue should you be able to find nothing else.

Burstmedia - 125x125 cube only high unsold inventory amounts

Allclicks - this Standard Internet program supports button ad formats. Via allclicks one can create any trick creative you want and you are paid 2 cents for each clickthru as defined by Standard Internet's terms. You will have to serve the creative from your server though.

Clickthrutraffic - this Standard Internet program supports button ad formats and pays between 5 cents and 20 cents per second clickthru on their pay per click search engine depending on the category used. You will have to serve the creative from your server.

Text Ads

While one can always employ cost per lead or cost per sale ads via text links that is not the same as text based CPC ads or CPM ads as far as the ability to generate "easy" revenue. A sale may or may not occur but a click is easier to anticpate. When considering text based CPC or CPM ads you can use text links from pay per click search engines, or stand alone programs you select from ad networks that sell this ad format. Ad networks that offer CPC or CPM text links include:

ClickXchange - - offers a variety of text links from 1 to 5 cents cpm and 1 to 5 cents per click or more. You can browse through their text links which you can apply to run specifically without having to wade through lots of graphical ads also.

Allclicks - Standard internet program which allows one to use trick words or anything you want like "enter" or "next" to send visitors to their site for 2 cents per click.

Clickthrutraffic - Standard Internet program that pays from 5 cents to 20 cents for each second clickthru depending on the the topic area on their pay per click search engine. You can link with text.

ClixGalore - offers a few text based CPC programs but you have to browse through all the ads to find them as text ads are not easily separated from banner or button ads.