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Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs pay a website when a sale or a lead is generated from visitors referred to other sites. The major networks for affiliate programs are CJ, Linkshare, and Befree among others. There are also a variety of inhouse offered affiliate programs such as

Commission Junction also referred to as CJ is the largest network of affiliate offers on the internet. Commissions earned from individual Commission Junction programs are pooled together to allow a publisher to receive a single check from multiple affiliate programs. This helps avoid minimum payout worries as a website could earn $1 commissions from 20 different programs and receive a monthly payment. Without pooled commisions one might have to earn $50 or more with a single program before being paid as is often common with other affilaite networks or independently run programs. Also since CJ is a pay for performance network almost all sites are accepted.

The most popular program at CJ is Ebay's $5 per active sign up and 5 cents per bid program. Almost any site can find a way to fit ebay advertising into their site.

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Other Affiliate Networks