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Other Directories

While Yahoo, ODP, and Zeal are the primary directories in use on the internet today that one should focus on there are a few other minor directories worth submitting to they include: - this is a collection of hundreds of topics each run by a separate guide. was formerely known as the Mining Company. To submit to you will have to find appropriate categories for your site if they exist and then click on the name of guides which run them. It helps to offer a link in return since the guides are compensated according to the traffic they generate for their section.

Webring - Webring is a collection of themed rings or sites. There are webrings for TV Shows, and various topics. Each ring is run by a webmaster that was the first to start the ring as such they may not be quick to add submissions or may add anything that is submitted or require very specific types of content. To be part of a webring you have to include an HTML snippet on your page that allows others to navigate to other sites in the ring from some part of your site. If the ring code makes your site look unprofessional you can just hide it somewhere but it needs to be on your site.

Bomis - this is a webring like directory of the web with categories on many topics especially in the Entertainment area. Getting a listing here is easy and its another link and source of easy traffic. If your site is vast in content there may be multiple Bomis categories you can find to submit subpages of your site to. - this is a site started by several editors of the now defunct Go Guides volunteer directory that used to be run by Disney. While the site gets little traffic it does have a category structure that should allow almost everyone site to find an appropriate category to submit to. Listings in this will give your site some additional page rank even if direct traffic from this place is inconsequential. - an up and coming directory not that important traffic wise but can be used to get some easy page rank if you have a site that fits within their directory structure.

*Additional volunteer run directories can be found in the Open Directory Project's category on the topic. You can submit to them all and many may give you small link popularity boosts in search engines if your site is accepted.

* There are other niche oriented directories or link collections that you can submit to. Almost every niche has its own directories or link sites that are frequented often. If you know the topic of your site well you should know about these or start looking for them to find out if they exist or not..