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Using a third party affiliate network to run your cpc, cpa, and cps offers.

When you use a third party for any form of affiliate offer this is different from regular advertising in a network where you pay for broad reach. With an affiliate network your programs are meant to succed not on their general appeal but on their appeal to a select group of sites that find they do well with them. In CPC programs if your ad is very related to an affiliate site your ad might perform very well for them even if you pay less per click than a general untargeted banner would. A 3 cents per click super related text ad will outperform a 30 cents per click general run of network banner for many affiliates even though the amount they are getting per click is less. With cost per action programs or cost per sale programs an affiliate network can present them before a large audience of website publishers.that you would never even consider. Such networks usually have setup fees and monthly minimums and fees which are a percentage of transactions. These are all costs of doing business if the network can help you achieve legitmacy and find affiliates that work well for your offerings.

Value Networks With Low or No Monthly Minimum Fees


This is mainly a network for click and lead based offers. Thats what most affiliates use them for but Clickxchange does support pay per sale programs. They charge a 30% commission rate, with a minimum monthly fee of $42 or $83 depending on if you have a regular or premier program. Setup fees are $500 or $1000 depending on the level of program you implement. *Read More


This network supports pay per sale and lead programs among others, with no monthly minimum fee and only a $350 opening balance required. Charges 20 to 30 percent commisions and is a good network to use for small online stores or for those that wish to research the viability of their affiliate offerings before going with a larger provider. *Read More


Network with no monthly minimum fees and no set up fees. To start only $75 or more is required to be deposited to be used to pay your affiliates. Clixgalore has affiliate offers for those in the US, Australia, and England, and runs programs that pay in all three currencies. Clixgalore is more often used by affiliates for pay per click or lead offers, but pay per sale offers can be run here too. *Read More


This network has actually purchased Fineclicks and just like Fineclicks has no monthly minimum fees and only a $150 setup fee and 20 percent commissions. *Read More


Elite Networks With Higher Monthly Minimum Fees

Commision Junction

Easily the best affiliate network overall that a merchant can work with if they can generate enough sales to pay for the setup fees and monthly minimum fees. CJ's fee to setup new advertiser accounts is $2250 and their minimum monthly fees are $500 a month with a 30 percent commission rate.. Read more about why I consider CJ the best affiliate network for large merchants even inspite of their high costs and commission rates.

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Linkshare represents mainly larger merchant sites and charges a lower commission rate than CJ of only 2 to 3 percent but has a $10,000 setup fee and a $2000 a month minimum fee. Linkshare does not combine payments between various Linkshare programs for its affiliates, so many merchants get lots of people that never quite reach minimum payout levels.

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Befree is setup much like Linkshare with a 2 to 3 percent commission rate, a $5000 setup fee, and a $3000 a month minimum fee. They have no combined payments from their various programs for affiliates and affiliated that don't reach minimums just end up giving Befree merchants sales for free..

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Other Networks

Tradedoubler - popular for targeting Europeon audiences in English and in other languages. Supports lead based, click based, and sale based programs.

Performics - considered by many to be the fourth largest affiliate network among CJ, Befree, and Linkshare. Merchants using them include Kohls. No merchant fee rates mentioned on site. - affiliate network which is relatively new

Leadhound - supports primarily cheap lead based offers. primarily for lead based offers and not sales based offers. They might can support both though. affiliate network for products distributed online like sound files, graphic files, and ebooks.

Affiliatefuel network supporting mainly lead based offers but accepts sales based offers they feel will convert well for them and the advertiser.